The Process-Focused Approach for Future Success

Why BPM software is so important:

  • 82% of middle and large-sized companies are developing or have already implemented BPM.
  • 67% of companies invest in BPM activities.
  • 36% of companies are improving efficiency due to BPM software implementation.
  • 40% of business processes will be supported by BPM.

Why Creatio CRM?

The Business Process Age

Welcome to the Business Process Age!

Every CEO of a successful enterprise knows that the basis for any major management innovation and business expansion is a skillful transformation of business processes. Such a transformation is possible only by employing right business process software.

Manage Processes To Simplify The Future

Business Process Management (BPM) technologies deliver tools for the entire cycle of process management: modeling, execution and monitoring. In other words, BPM solutions are aimed at process modeling and automation of activities for people who are involved in the process. Additionally, the process improvement software uses data acquired during process execution in order to analyze and optimize these processes.

Use Creatio to Deliver Innovation

Creatio is a cutting-edge web-based platform that enables companies to manage processes. The core of the platform is the most progressive standard for process modeling: BPMN. This standard was specially developed by a consortium of the leaders from the IT industry to make process diagrams readable and understandable to every person who is involved in process development: business analysts, developers and management.

Creatio allows for designing or modifying process diagrams. But the best thing about it is that there is no need to write code to automate a process – a process can be run as soon as it is designed.

Harness All Solutions

In many cases, despite a high level of process automation, an enterprise can experience problems with delivering a seamlessly integrated process. This is because workflows are automated in a piecemeal and inconsistent manner.

The most natural way to integrate IT solutions is to seamlessly tie them together with the processes. By integrating third-party IT solutions with the help of the Creatio platform, businesses can benefit from using a single application to manage the entire customer lifecycle. They can additionally automate activities of all participants of a process.